Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trendy Thursday!

Because I'm oh so super fashionable, I thought I'd post the latest trends seen in my household :) 

Starting off with the very best - I caught my husband trying to camouflage himself to look like the couch.... 

As if crocs couldn't get any uglier... they make them in beige now... 

Apparently, he also has tan socks that match the pants, shirt and couch but went with the black socks instead. 

I think little Miss Battlestar has got to have the most fashion sense in the house - just look at how she coordinates her purple tipped tail to her rainbow bandana! And she's such a great sport when I ask her to model things I knit :) 

And now for one of my most fashionable moments - work conference in New Orleans just happened to fall on Halloween so my mom made my Zombie Snow White costume!

Yes, my mom did make this costume - she's awesome!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Today's WTF moment.... curtsey of the TN DMV

Nari says belly rubs are always MANDATORY!!

Well... Things kind of blow right now... guess that's what happens when your family gets a call from a a psych hospital in New Mexico informing you that your brother (who was missing on/off for over two years) has been committed and is schizophrenic. Just a little taste of what I've been dealing with this year...

This is Nari's 'GIVE ME ALL YOUR TASTEY FOOD' face. 
So as the title goes, today's WTF moment is curtesy of the not-so-nice person who I talked to at the TN DMV. Long story short... I'm trying to figure out what I need to get my brother a state ID and the conversation went kind of like this:
Me - I'm hoping you can help me get an ID for my brother. What do we need to bring?
Jerk DMV person - Original birth certificate, Social Security card, 2 pieces of mail. 
Me - My brother has been homeless and doesn't have the original Social Security card - what can we use instead?
Jerk - Work ID, insurance ID
Me - He was homeless, he has nothing - the Social Security office won't give us a card without a state ID which is what we're calling you about. What can we do? 
Jerk - A Dollywood season pass will work
Then I tried to clarify this and she hung up on me. 

WTF - even Starbuck has a Dollywood ID :)
Seriously??? They'll take a fucking Dollywood season pass but won't take a photocopy of his Social Security card - WTF?? Lately, I've been encountering lots of WTF moments but at least this one made me laugh :) 

Other than that - dogs are crazy and keeping me busy :) And Nari is SUPER CRAZY happy that she's back to competing and training regularly. She has tons of energy and doesn't let me slack in the dog walking/running/training department. 

Run, Nar, RUN!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A new start....

The super amazing Nari! Photograph by the amazingly talented Julie Poole - please don't be an asshole and steal this photo, it's a seriously awesome photo and I don't want to waist my time and hunt down photo-stealing assholes.

Well - let's be honest here - I'm terrible at blogging (and barely anyone reads this blog anyway :)). Sometimes it's hard to get on here and write posts about how everything is great and super cute but sometimes reality is that things just fucking suck and aren't pleasant or easy or happy.

I started this blog because people seem to enjoy the super cute pictures of my dogs and I wanted to share what we have been doing with agility. But I haven't really kept up with it because sometimes it's hard to get on here and post a cute picture and talk about how great things are when they just aren't.

I think I'm going to change the focus and just start posting about what's really going on. I think it's just bad to get on Facebook or other social media sites and see that everyone's life is super perfect and awesome - my life's not perfect and quite frankly it's really fucking shitty sometimes. Not all the time - I have plenty of awesomeness going on at times but mixed in the with awesomeness is some bullshit and some okay times.

So... here's to a new start - maybe it will be helpful to people to just be honest with what's really going on.

Nari squeaking in morse code, 'This weather is no party and all bullshit!'
In lame weather news - it's been raining a lot here which means that Nari is super pissed that she can't go on long walks or play agility. So she's been squeaking/yelling/punching us non-stop to make sure we know how tragic her life is right now :) Luckily we had a couple of indoor trials the past two weeks so she at least got to do sometime (although she says it's not enough!).