Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trendy Thursday!

Because I'm oh so super fashionable, I thought I'd post the latest trends seen in my household :) 

Starting off with the very best - I caught my husband trying to camouflage himself to look like the couch.... 

As if crocs couldn't get any uglier... they make them in beige now... 

Apparently, he also has tan socks that match the pants, shirt and couch but went with the black socks instead. 

I think little Miss Battlestar has got to have the most fashion sense in the house - just look at how she coordinates her purple tipped tail to her rainbow bandana! And she's such a great sport when I ask her to model things I knit :) 

And now for one of my most fashionable moments - work conference in New Orleans just happened to fall on Halloween so my mom made my Zombie Snow White costume!

Yes, my mom did make this costume - she's awesome!! 


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