Monday, May 21, 2012

Winners eat at Culver's!

Okay - I swear that Culver's should sponsor us because I talk about it constantly! And after Nari earned her ADCH we of course went to Culver's for dinner :) Nari and I got some butterburger with cheese, cheese curds and some vanilla custard. Yummm!!!!!

As  you can tell, Nari was quite a happy girl! Maybe she blew all those jokers at the previous trial just so she could get her ADCH in Murfreesboro - the only city near us that happens to have a Culver's :) 

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  1. CONGRATS AGAIN ON THE ADCH. I do have to tell you you have made me very curious and jealous, I do not think we have Culvers and now I want to go! LOL.

    I saw your last comment you posted and I would LOVE to meet up with you guys. I had kind of planned to do a trial next weekend then take the summer off agility, especially being in novice or open our runs are always in the middle of the day at the hottest time, I have gone through several summers but figure it has been awhile since we have taken off so this would be a good time. Let me know when/if you are trialing it is a bit of a drive but if it is not on a weekend my daughter has a swim meet I would love to come by!!!!


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