Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The story of the come back kids!!

The sisters with some of their bling!
We drove the whole gang out to Kansas for the USDAA Central Regional Championships this weekend. It was a LONG car ride but the girls love traveling so much that they just slept the whole time in their crates - they are very good little travelers!

The girls have been through a lot - Starbuck had troubles staying in the ring when we first started trialing and Nari had been sick for so very long so my only goals were to make sure we all had fun. WOW did they exceed my expectations because not only did we all have a blast the girls even made it on the podium!!!

Starbuck - Steeplechase Champion!!

Nari - 3rd place Regional Grand Prix
Nari has just started getting back into shape and trialing and not only was she able to compete again but she qualified for Cynosports!!!! I can't believe this is happening - it's been like a dream to have her back to her happy, energetic self again.

Nari - Top Overall Individual 14" dog - think she placed something like 3rd or 4th overall out of ~140 dogs!!
Both girls managed picking up semifinalist byes for Steeplechase AND Grand Prix!! Starbuck took 4th in Grand Prix and Nari took 5th in Steeplechase (her time was faster but she faulted the A-frame).


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