Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nari at the B-match

Last weekend there was an AKC agility trial in town and they had a B-match after the trial finished on Saturday. I smuggled Nari into the arena early in the afternoon and volunteered to work a couple of classes. A lot of AKC agility trials now allow Canine Partners (mixed breeds or dogs that are not recognized by the AKC) to compete, however, this one did not - hence the smuggling. Well, I found it difficult to smuggle Nari in because some people have seen us before so they were coming up to say hi or told their friends about Nari so they came over. But I covered her crate with a table cloth and we didn't get kicked out, that was good. 

The B-match was a lot of fun. They just set up a basic course and give you 60 seconds to do whatever you want. Very laid back and fun. We've had only one practice in the past two months so it was great to actually get out there on some real equipment. I just decided to run the course they had set up - I was pretty rusty but Nari did such a great job, she loves this stuff. 

Here's a video of our runs at the B-match: 

We'll see how our trials go in the next couple of months, I'm pretty rusty since I haven't had any opportunity to practice. I really wish we had an indoor training facility down here! 


  1. I hear you on lack of ability to practice right now. :o( It stinks.

    I think all of the AKC trials in this area have accepted the Canine Partners program. Crazy that they haven't in other areas of the country. I'm surprised there hasn't been some sort of uprising over it, but I'm guessing they must fill their trials without needing the mixed breeds? Around here there are so many organizations to choose from that AKC is trying to be as welcoming as possible to bring people to their trials.

  2. It was actually my AKC club this weekend - I think that they forgot to check the little box to allow the Canine Partners. I just checked and their next trial is allowing Canine Partners, but Nari still won't be able to do it because she's intact.... At least she can do the B-matches which is nice.

  3. And AKC typically has no problem filling their trials in most places.


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