Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food and spring - both things the girls love!

First - I just wanted to say hi to all my new followers! Glad you're here and thanks so much for stopping by :) It's been pretty crazy around here so I'm afraid I haven't been posting much but things have finally calmed down so I'll be posting more. 

Spring is finally here! Good thing because the dogs had been going crazy and running laps in the house. Nari enjoys screaming and trying to convince us to either take her on hikes or do agility - that girls never rests. 

We finally got some nice weather last week so I took all of the girls out to the agility field to run around and practice a little. Here's a picture of a dirty Starbuck:

Here's how she got all dirty:

Now onto food! I went to the doggie bakery and got some 'paw-reos' for the girls. Actually, Nari bought the treats for her and her sisters with her Steeplechase winnings :) Here are the girls super focused on the plate of 'paw-reos':

Nari was really going crazy over those cookies: 

As if paw-reos weren't exciting enough, Aaron made the girls a huge batch of their homemade dog food. They go crazy for that stuff. I even use it during training because they love it more than treats. The girls were quite excited that they got to lick the pan:

And Nari just loved licking the spoon! 

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  1. Great post:) Love the dirty Starbuck pic! And what fun she had getting dirty eh?

    RA & Isis


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