Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby pictures!

I was looking through all of our pictures the other day and found baby pictures of the girls! Wow - they look so much different now. 

Here's a little baby Starbuck:

I think this pictures was taken a week or so after we got her - so she was probably around 2.5-3 months old. She weighed about 3 pounds when we got here and the blaze on her forehead was so big back then. 

And then there's baby Nari. She was around 10 weeks old and weighed 3 pounds when we got her and she had these crazy huge ears - just look at them:

Those ears are bigger than her head! She has finally sort of grown into them, but she definitely has the biggest ears in the family. Starbuck and Nari actually have the same parents, just different litters, but they still look so different now. 

And then came baby Alpha - she was the tiniest baby and weighed only 2 pounds when we got her. Just look at her baby picture - she looks like a tiny toy!! 

Alpha didn't have crazy huge ears when she was a puppy, I guess that's because she looks more like her mom (she does have the same dad as Starbuck and Nari). 

And here is one of the first family pictures we took of the girls together:

See how Alpha is standing close to Nari and Nari is giving Alpha this look like she can't stand that Alpha is touching her? Yeah, Nari totally hated Alpha when we got her. I think that Nari was (and still is) so attached to me that she was jealous when we got baby Alpha. So we kept Nari and Alpha separated with a baby gate for a week until they got used to each other. Then they just started wrestling all the time and they've been best friends since then. And I think Alpha just kept forcing Nari to cuddle with her until Nari got over it :) 

They look so different in their baby pictures, but I definitely love how beautiful they look now. 


  1. BOL! I love that last photo!! Us little sisters tend to grow on you though!

  2. What cutie pies!! Love baby pictures. :)


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