Monday, April 25, 2011

Look out agility - Starbuck is back!!!

That's right, Starbuck is back to loving agility again! Starbuck was actually the first dog I started training in agility. She was so fun to train - she's pretty much fearless (has run right off the dogwalk and teeter and will go right back and do it again) and loves to run. But when I first started out at trials I was super slow because I didn't have much confidence out there so she would loose interest and get the zoomies. In fact, here is the only video I got from her first run at her first trial:

After that run she managed to qualify for the rest of her runs so she ended up getting her UAGI title. I took her to another trial 4 months later and she ran out of the ring and just didn't seem that excited to do agility with me. Then at practice she wouldn't focus and was more interested in ignoring me so I gave her some time off. Probably gave her about 6-8 months off and then only would do a couple obstacles with her and trained with her for 1-2 minutes at a time. And then about two months ago she finally was more interested in agility than blowing me off so I thought it was time to take her to a trial. And here is one of her runs from a B-match followed by her first run at a trial:

The best part was that she was so happy and had so much fun! I loved seeing that smile on her face after she finished her run! And she loved meeting all the new people and getting tons of treats. Not sure when her next trial will be but I was just so glad to see her have a blast out there. Oh - and it was pretty great when I looked at the score sheet to see that she had the fastest time for all the dogs out there, yep - she was faster than all of those shelties and aussies in the Novice class!! 


  1. Too funny:) Starbuck sure enjoyed herself eh??!!


  2. Thanks, RA! Starbuck was having fun out there :)


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