Sunday, May 8, 2011

Starbuck's USDAA debut!

Nari was signed up for a trial in Crozet, VA April 29-May 1 and we decided to would make it a little family vacation. Well, when I got the final confirmation for the trial they said they were low on entries so I emailed the trial secretary to see if I could sign up Starbuck for a couple of runs. They were able to squeeze Starbuck in so she got to try out USDAA! When we got there the fields were basically a mud pit (they even had to redesign the courses to try to avoid the larger puddles) so I ran the girls a little slower. 

I only signed her up for 4 runs - Performance Speed Jumping tournament, two Level 1 Jumpers and one Level 1 Gamblers. Aaron was able to record some of her runs:

I was so excited that she had fun and was able to stay focused for most of her runs with all of the distractions (people, dogs, muddy ground with lots of worms...). She even got a Q with 1st place in Round 1 of Performance Speed Jumping and a Q/1st place in Level 1 Gamblers. 

With a Q in Round 1 that meant she got to run in Round 2 for the money. That run was in the muddiest field which apparently smelled awesome - here is her run:

Whoa - that was a lot of work to win $5 :)

Afterwards she got to pick out a toy (she went for the quaky duck). She also got a massage. 

And here is Starbuck's first USDAA ribbon picture!

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