Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The girls hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! They enjoyed spending time with my parents and my Aunt. And of course they enjoyed the tiny bits of turkey and sweet potato that we gave them. 

Here are the girls waiting for the turkey to finish cooking:

They stole a mouse from their kitty brothers. While they were having a standoff to see who got custody of the mouse, they were all falling asleep! 

Nari finally won the mouse standoff. 

Alpha spent a lot of time hogging the nice, fluffy dog bed that Starbuck and Nari won at their last trial. 

And Starbuck spent an hour guarding the left over turkey from her kitty brothers. The girls were super tired after all of the Thanksgiving craziness so we left them at home while we all went to the Cumberland Gap park (it's where Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia meet). Here are a couple of pictures from the trip: 

Yeah, I'm pretty fabulous at my action poses! 

That's me, in Virginia and Kentucky AT THE SAME TIME!! Whoa!!! Did that just blow you're mind?? 

And above is proof that I can actually take a normal picture (with the husband). 

And this is how I feel at home - I talk, the husband just stands there and smiles, you know, and doesn't really listen :) 

And there we are in the IRON FURNACE!! AHHHHH, IT BURNS!!! 

And of course I have to end with a doggie picture. Here are Nari and Starbuck after their last trial of the year. The girls won 3 raffle baskets and of course Alpha has stolen all of the toys from her older sisters! Starbuck earned her Advanced P. Gamblers and Advanced P. Snooker titles. Both girls ended up with lots of qualifying scores but the coolest part was that they both took 1st place in P3/Masters Jumpers and it was Starbuck's first time running in P3. (In USDAA, P3/Masters run the same course, P3 is just one jump height lower. I run Starbuck in P3 because she is insane and doesn't always think about what she is doing. Plus it gives me a little bit more time between dogs.) 

Hope everyone had a great time with their family!! 

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  1. The sweet potatos are marvelous aren they? Glad you guys had a great thanksgiving. I love the pictures of you in your real life, LOL. I love your action shots, pretty fantastic!!!!!


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