Monday, April 9, 2012

It's been quite busy lately - but I at least have a video today :)

I've been quite busy lately. Had some work trips out to San Diego and had to deal with some not so nice technicians... but I'm home now! San Diego was really nice because I got to see some friends and enjoyed some awesome Mexican food.

This weekend Starbuck had a trial all to herself. It was only 30 minutes from my house and she really enjoyed the one on one time with me. And of course our trainer, Ace, was there so it was like a party for Starbuck.

Here is a video of her runs from the weekend:

I'm still a little off on my handling because of my foot. I really aggravated it by running a trial on some rough terrain and then being stuck on a plane for several hours. But at least the PT guy checked out my foot this morning and said it was looking okay. I will just be really happy when it's back to normal.

Anyway, besides my dumb foot, I was super proud of little Starbuck. She really enjoyed herself and had a blast out there. And of course she loved socializing with everyone - she had a great time getting lots of pets and treats.

Well, that's it for now. I hope to post some cute pictures of the girls later tonight. They had a great Easter - complete with knuckle bones (which Nari insisted needed to be chewed on inside of a tunnel) and wild rabbit treats!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. boy I feel your pain i is so much harder to be up to speed when your foot hurts!!!! Hope it is back to 100% soon. you guys look great and if that is you running with a hurt foot, ;-) you looked pretty awesome if there was no hurt foot! Sorry we did not have any good agility for you in San Diego, any other weekend ;;-)

    1. You know how you can tell that I'm hurt? I start using rear crosses :) I've decided that maybe this foot trouble was actually not so bad in the long run. I tended to fall back on front crosses (even when the timing was poor) instead of trusting my dogs with a rear cross. But now that we've been doing them a lot in trials lately I can tell it's really going great!

      Well, hopefully this summer I'll be back out to the SD area to catch a trial (and maybe even run Starbuck in one :))....

      - Steffi


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