Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tell Me Thursday 2012 - #14

Laura is on a little break from TMT so this is brought you by Rockin' Ewe -

And here are the questions for this week:

1. So, give me at least one good thing that has happened recently - dog wise, non-dog wise or both!

Dog-wise - Nari is starting to become a little bit crazier! She's like me - stresses over things she's not comfortable with and a little hesitant when it comes to new things. So we've been spending more time just being crazy and not worry about things and she's doing great. I've been doing this will all of the dogs and they all seem really happy lately.

Non-dog wise - my foot is slowly getting better. I totally freaked out a couple of weeks ago and thought that I had completely re-injured it so I went back to PT. The PT scraped the bottom of my foot and said it felt okay. So I've been easing back into things and hopefully someone it won't be sore.

Sort of dog-wise - finally went to a USDAA trial with my trainer last weekend and had so much fun! We had some of our fastest runs at a trial and it was great to just have fun and not worry about anything. He even stepped in for me to run Starbuck with only a 5 minute noticed and I had so much fun watching him run Starbuck. It was so great to have someone at a trial who supported me no matter what and who has always been there for me.

2. How did you end up working in the field/profession that you are currently in?

I wanted to be an artist but my Dad told me I should go get a degree in engineering because I had a better chance of getting a job with an engineering degree. So on the first week of undergrad I took a job with the first professor who would hire me and his project happened to be on plasma physics (fusion as a clean energy source). I liked the job so much that I went to grad school and finished a PhD in physics.

3. I got the typical "What are your hobbies?" question at this interview yesterday. What kind of response do you get when you tell people that you "train and trial dogs for (fill in the blank)"?

Most people are pretty surprised. Most have never heard about agility so they think it is pretty cool. Although I'm not sure they really have any idea how much work it takes to do it, I bet they would think I was insane if they really knew how much time and money have gone into it. But I think it's pretty cool to finally have a hobby other than 'studying'.


  1. Glad you got to post this week! I did post a question that you gave last week (I believe) - be sure to check it out! Yeah for your foot! I found out in Dec that I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot so I know how it feels to have a bad foot!

    1. Oh - wow - I'm so behind on blogs that I totally missed that you posted my question. Thank you so much! I'll definitely go check it out soon. Good luck with your foot, it is so not fun!!

  2. glad your foot is getting better, I know those type of things sure seem to take so long to get better....

    1. Thank you! I'm glad your foot is doing better as well. Definitely frustrating to deal with injuries when the dogs just want to go go go!

  3. Steffi!! I didn't know about your foot - sorry, I've been so lax in doing blogs lately! Hope it is soon 100%!You totally impress me - training and trialing agility dogs and the PhD in Physics - you rock girl!! Having friends to encourage you is a must - glad you have that someone!!

    Have a great week!


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