Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alaskan Klee Kai Terrier Racing?

We went to the UKC Carolina Classic this past weekend. They had conformation, Terrier Racing and Weight Pull. The UKC Terrier Racing judge for the event was super friendly and stopped by to meet our girls. I took Nari outside to watch the Terrier Races and she loved watching it and immediately wanted to run after the lure even though I was holding her in my arms. The judge stopped by to talk to us around lunch time on Saturday and invited us to run in a couple of their practice races! For the first race, we held Starbuck and Nari in front of the boxes and released them when the lure took off. They immediately started chasing that lure and even followed it right through the hole at the end of the course! For the second race, I placed Starbuck and Nari into the terrier boxes, waved the lure in front of the boxes and then they lifted up the gates. At first the girls ran around in a little circle because they were confused but then they saw the rabbit lure and took off after it! They loved it and actually did better than many of the terriers that were learning how to race (many refused to follow the lure through the whole at the end of the course). The judge mentioned that they might have a non-sanctioned race at the next UKC Carolina Classic that would be open to non-terriers. That would be so much fun!!! Can't wait for the next time the girls get to try Terrier Racing. Here is a video of their races:

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