Monday, April 26, 2010

Nari's second USDAA trial

We went to our second USDAA trial, this time in Murfreesboro, TN and we loved it! The courses were quite difficult this time, seemed much harder than our first trial. We ended up with 4 Q's, our Starter Jumpers title, 5 first places, 5 second places, 1 third place and 1 fourth place! I think my favorite non-standard run was the relay race where we had to do half a course and then pass the baton on to our teammates who completed the rest of the course. We ended up getting first place and our partner was a cute little terrier named Daisy. Nari was much faster this trial which was great but also quite challenging. She's never been that great at distance work but I entered us in Gamblers anyway and she even completed half of a gamble! I had to send her from a jump to a tunnel that was about 10 feet away and from the tunnel over two more jumps. She made it into the tunnel and then came running and screaming out of it (yes, she was screaming) towards me wondering why in the world I wasn't waiting for her at the exit of that tunnel. It was pretty funny. She loves going to trials because she gets to hang out with just me and we get to stay in a hotel. Her sisters were quite happy when we got home on Sunday. Nari was so tired, she was such a hard worker this weekend, I was so proud of her! Here is a picture of her with her ribbons and also the beads they gave us for each Q. 

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