Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bat Buck and bunny torture (not real bunnies!)

Starbuck and I are volunteering to go to a Howl-o-ween pet parade to represent our therapy dog organization so I decided to find her bat wings for the parade. I think she looks pretty cute in them, although they are kind of hard to see in the picture:

The girls had another exciting evening of checking out the neighbors who walked past our house, which is one of Nari's favorite activities:

Starbuck 'won' this crazy blue squeaky bunny toy at the flyball workshop. And by 'won' I mean that everyone got a ticket for the raffle and everyone's ticket was pulled out of a bag. Alpha and Nari decided to fight over the bunny. 

During the vicious tug above, Nari managed to rip off an ear. She was quite proud of herself and was posing with it on the bed. 

After the bunny battle, the girls got some dinner. There is definitely a pack order in our house - as you can see there is always a line formed for meals. Nari is the alpha dog in our house, followed by Alpha and Starbuck. 

Starbuck was pretty tired this evening, she had a really intense flyball practice last night. They set up a regulation length course and she LOVED it. She had a lot more enthusiasm when she saw all of the jumps and was pulling at the start line. 

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