Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An evening in the life of Starbuck and Nari

On Monday night I took Starbuck and Nari out to Ace's for some agility practice. They love it there - he has about 6 acres of fenced in land and a ton of agility equipment. Part of the fence is shared with the kennel, so the girls like to go over there to check out the kennel dogs and bark at them. Here are Starbuck and Nari saying hello to some dogs staying at the kennel. 

Since Aaron didn't come with me, I couldn't get any pictures of them actually doing agility so I just took some cute ones of them hanging out in the field. Here are some of Nari after practice - look how happy that girl is! She just loves agility and gets super excited when we turn off the interstate to head to Ace's. I love her little doggie smile :) 

Here are some happy Starbuck pictures! She is starting to enjoy agility more, I think it helps that it is finally starting to cool off down here. Starbuck has the thickest coat so the heat really gets to her. I love that crazy tongue of hers in the picture of her on the table. 

We had a fun practice and the girls were pretty tired at the end of the day! 

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  1. Wow, sounds like so much fun. Wish we were there!!


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