Monday, September 13, 2010

A day in the life of Alpha

Before I post pictures of Alpha, here is one of the girls guarding our house. One of their favorite activities is to monitor our front yard. In this picture you can see Nari talking to the dog that is out there. 

Now, onto the Alpha pictures. At Nari's last trial, we went to Petsmart to check out the toy selection and that is when I found this toy called a 'squido'. Hmmm... not really sure what they were thinking when they came up with this one-eyed creature with teeth, but Alpha really enjoyed it. 

What we were really looking for were curlys (any type of toy with curly hair) because the girls LOVE those things for some reason. Alpha decided to round up the curlys and lay in the bed with them. Of course Starbuck decided that she really wanted to take those curlys!

Finally, Alpha got mad at me because I found Starbuck's old raincoat and made her model it for me. Alpha refused to do anything but stand and not look at me - she usually always looks at the camera. 

I originally got this raincoat because Starbuck refused to go outside in the rain and wouldn't stay under the umbrella. Of course, the raincoat didn't help but she still looked cute in it. Now I have 3 dogs who all hate the rain. 

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  1. The squido is freaky!!!

    Maybe I need one...


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