Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - #14!

Seems like it was just a couple of days that I finished writing TMT #13 (okay, so maybe it was.. and you can find it HERE :)). But now we are up to Tell Me Thursday #14 already - brought to you by Laura over at Crooks and Crazies!

There is only one question this week and its:
What obstacles have you overcome this week, and what did you learn from them? 

Tough one! Well, I guess I learned that Nari is an awesome dog - I love her. 

Okay so I always knew that but I love her despite her (or mine) imperfections in agility and life. She was one of the most timid dogs I know - she was terrified of all the equipment when she first started and she has worked very hard to overcome her fears. I am definitely not a great handler (only been doing this for 2 years) but she still puts up with me (and my crazy arms!) and we have so much fun doing agility together. Nari is such a hard worker and a thinker but we're finally starting to run as a team. Agility has been one of the few times lately that I can actually escape the stress of my everyday life. 

However, sometimes I get really frustrated with what other people say about her. In particular, I've had to start ignoring certain people and the comments they make. It really irritates me when someone will post something great that Nari has achieved and then when I go to check out all of the comments that were made I see that the conversation has turned into a pissing match between who's dog is the fastest or the best and a bunch of other crap. Or if I post a picture or video or something about Nari they make some comment about their dog instead. Those things are the whole reason that I never post on forums. I seriously get sick of narcissistic people. So, over the past couple of weeks I've learned to not care. To hell with what other people say - all of my dogs are awesome just the way they are. 

Anyway, I love Nari and think she is perfect just the way she is. And I view our imperfections not as road block, but as a challenge and I love challenges. She has taught me a lot about patience and understanding, how to think outside of the box and how to run without tripping over my own feet (okay, so I'm still working on that one :)). And I will always love how chatty she is and how she really understands me :) 

And I am so grateful for every moment I get to spend with her and will always cherish every run that I am lucky enough to have with her. We will forever step into the ring with just one goal: to run fast and run happy together as a team because that is what this game is all about. And you never know when this game will end. 


  1. Awesome post! I love reading about your dogs/training, because you obviously love them so much!
    Also, it gives me hope, because I don't have a traditional agility breed either. :) If you can do it, then maybe we can too!

    I've been there with the comments too - no one can look at a single video or whatever and know the history of your dog. Anyway agility is about playing a game with your teammate and some people forget about that.

  2. Thanks Steffi, for saying something that need to be said!!! If we can't have fun in what we are doing, why are we doing it? Those people that put other people and/or dogs down, are insecure and insolent slobs!! and we don't nee them!!!

    Way to go Nari!

  3. Thanks, Catalina and Doniene for taking the time to read my little rant :) Glad I'm not the only one that's sick of some of the fun-suckers are there.


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